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+7 (495) 229-30-92
+7 (495) 229-30-92
Moscow, Petrovka street, 20/1, office 19
+7 (495) 229-30-92
Москва, ул. Петровка, д. 20/1, оф.19

Executive Training Based on Company Management Simulator

Over 50 controllable parameters in 5 company management sections
Up to 10 teams can play at the same time
Boardsim is an interactive simulator enabling to manage a global company in a high-competitive market. The simulator was designed to engage students of business schools and economics departments to the educational process as part of the "learning by doing" approach.
What problems can be solved
It trains executives to plan and implement a strategy for the entire company
Allows you to assess your knowledge and skills in all business categories
Helps to understand the importance of scenario planning and connections of all corporate decisions
Evaluates top management and Develops teamwork skills
Areas of use
It is regularly used and has proven itself in the most prestigious MBA, EMBA and DBA programs at Lomonosov Moscow State University and RANEPA, as well as corporate universities of large companies.
What happens in the simulator
Teams make decisions in all key areas, competing in one or five markets with other players;
Teams try to dominate the global smartphone market;
Each player can test their strategy, so that the team can choose the best solution;
The team's results rank according to key business indicators (EPS, ROE, reputation, share price, etc.).
Interactive widgets help build forecasts, monitor key indicators and analyze various development scenarios;
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We help companies create an integrated corporate governance system by increasing the value and improving business reputation in the long term.
Long-term growth of business value of our clients is the main result of our work.
17 years
On the market
Более 10 лет опыта в советах директоров и контрольных органах крупных и средних российских и зарубежных компаний, в том числе Московский кредитный банк, Совкомфлот, ОТЛК, и др.
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+7 (495) 229-30-92
Moscow, Petrovka street, 20/1, 19
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