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TopCompetence Consulting in the corporate governance field for the owners and top officials of the company Request a call
Practical seminar based on real-world case studies, encompassingexperience-sharing and group discussions. Possible number of participants – 3 to 25 people. Duration: 2 days.


Program contents:

    What’s the need for corporate governance?

    “Best Practices” of corporate governance – how and when to use them;

    Corporate governance systems at public and private companies;

    Bodies and participants of the corporate governance system;

    How to form an effective board of directors – competences, composition and structure, interaction, work regulations and procedures;

    Independent directors – who they are and when they’re needed;

    BoD committees – how they should be formed and what they should handle;

    BoD Chairman, corporate secretary – their role in the corporate governance system;

    How to build a corporate governance system?

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